Just My Imagination

I just got back from my first match.com date. I had a nice time, but I’m feeling a little conflicted right now. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I jumped back into online dating too soon. I’ve been single for about a million years, so maybe I should explain that a little more.

So, the guy I went out with tonight is hilarious. We’ve been chatting via text a lot this week and he seemed really awesome! He wasn’t any different in person, which was great. He is also really interesting and just nice to talk to. I felt a little inadequate next to him – I’m not nearly that funny. I can be interesting some times, I’m sure, but a lot of times I’d rather sit quietly and be alone with my thoughts. Or my netflix queue. But this guy really could probably be a comedian.

I just don’t know what it was. Something seems wrong, and I think it’s in my head. The guy I went out with tonight certainly did nothing wrong. He ordered me meat on a stick, fergodssakes, so that’s like a million plus points in his column. But I think what it comes down to is that I’m still not mentally moved on from the last guy I dated. WHICH IS SO DUMB. I dated him for approximately a minute. I’d like to be moved on, so I can give this guy the shot I think he deserves. I mean, I really would like at least to get to know him a little better.

I’m trying to remember and apply the things I wrote in my last post to the last guy- not to build people up on my head, to recognize that regardless of what I think, not everyone is right for me – but it’s easier said than done.

I think maybe part of my problem is that I’m too much of a romantic. I always imagined my personal love story being incredibly romantic. You know, the kind of story that makes you want to vomit because it’s so perfect and beautiful. I end up getting so disappointed when I don’t get that from the guys I date. I think I was looking forward to that from the last guy I dated, and that’s where my whole problem is.

I don’t know. I came home tonight and just felt a little sad. That’s probably the very worst emotion to feel after an otherwise really nice night out with a really nice guy. I just really wish I knew how to get out of this funk. I think I’m going to take a night off from match and just go to sleep.

The guy from tonight said he’d like to see me again. Maybe by next time I’ll have gotten my mind right.


2 thoughts on “Just My Imagination

  1. Hi! I loved your post and can really relate to what you’re feeling. Tonight I also had my first online dating date in quite a long time. It was – bizarre! I was really nervous and over analysed everything whereas I’m not usually that kind of girl. Ah, dating dramas hey? If you’d like to read my experience my blog is: lovetechnically.wordpress.com. I hope your feelings over the guy tonight/ the last guy you dates become a little easier to deal with – been there and totally sympathise. xo

    ps. Sorry if I posted a random link as well as this post – I’m technologically illiterate and might have clicked the trackback URL button without realising 😉


  2. Nic – I just read all of your posts and love your take! I’ll definitely be following your blog, as well. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the world giving a go at the crazy, unpredictable world of online dating. I’m very curious to see what happens with your gentleman! Fingers crossed for you.

    – Rachel

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