Don’t Take It Personal

Ugh. Just ugh.

I have gotten my first message that really annoyed me. This dude seems to be 1) high maintenance, 2) a jerk, 3) insecure, or 4) all of the above.

Here’s the story:

So my sister still has access to my account, since she created it and whatever. She told me she was going to get on and wink at some people, to get me started. One of the guys she winked at (we’ll call him Star Wars Guy) sent me a message. I looked at his pictures and he was cute, so I replied. I thought it was a pretty fun, flirty first reply. In HIS reply to my reply, he asked me one of the most awkward questions ever. He asked, “so what made you wink at me?” I decided I’d tell him the truth, but again in a FUN, and FLIRTY way. I told him my sister still had access, I think she had winked, “but I would have definitely winked eventually! :)”

I get a response back from this dude like “HMMMM I don’t know how to take your confession. It makes it seem like I was at the bottom of your list. And people on here don’t usually aren’t interested in talking to me, soo…”

As I read this, my first response was, “CHILL THE FUCK OUT DUDE.” Seriously, I don’t understand why he had to go to the worst possible scenario. ALSO, the way he worded it was kind of rude sounding. Like, I felt, after reading it, that I had done something gravely wrong, and that I needed to apologize or something. Reality: I have done nothing wrong, Star Wars Guy is a crazy person.

I haven’t responded to him, and I can’t decide if I should. I mean, he asked an awkward question, I gave him a real answer THAT WASN’T EVEN RUDE, and he overreacted. If that’s they way he acts in an email on a dating site, I’m not sure I’m interested in seeing how he would react to real things that would happen in a relationship. Hmm. Still not sure what to do.

On a brighter note, I’ve been talking pretty frequently with a couple of guys who seem really nice. One of them is hilarious, and we’ve got a real date on Saturday! The other one is also funny and a little closer in age to me. Hopefully I’ll meet him soon, too!

There is a guy that I’m probably NOT that interested in, but who wants to “talk on the phone.” This guy (we’ll call him Guitar Guy) is in between jobs or something, and he is in a two person acoustic band, which he described as “similar to Oasis.” He told me he was hoping to get signed, and the other night he was “basically waiting by the phone to  get a call about recording an EP.” Hmm. I have been secretly judging him. I’m all for people pursuing their passions, but I also think maybe by the time you are in your mid- to late-twenties, your dream might not come true and you should probably focus on paying the bills. Also, I don’t even like Oasis that much.

Guitar Guy is the same guy who told me he loved beer and then told me his favorite beer was Blue Moon. (Side note: I really wish I could insert pictures of me making judgey faces in these posts. Because I’m making a lot of faces over here).

I also have an update on the Sad, Desperate dude who sent me the overeager message a few days ago. I had not responded quickly enough for his tastes, apparently, so he messaged me again. He said “I hope I haven’t done anything to scare you off….” and then proceeded to write paragraph upon paragraph about how he thinks we have soooooo much in common. WELL, sir, if you hadn’t scared me off before, you surely have now.

Dating is funny and weird.

I think I’m excited to meet this guy I have a date with Saturday. It’s always nice when people exist in the real world. And hopefully meeting some of these guys can get me away from my bad habit of lusting after men who I will never date. 

I guess we’ll see. Back I go into the murky water that is


One thought on “Don’t Take It Personal


    Seriously people. Figure things out.

    Also, I’m totally with you on the mid-to-late twenties dudes who still think their band is going to get signed any day now. What band are you in? And why haven’t I heard of it?

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