Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Day 2 of match.com and I’m not impressed. Like, Makayla Maroney would be more impressed than I am with the selection of dudes I’ve seen so far. I wasn’t expecting the perfect man right off the bat or anything, but I thought I might find some charming country/cowboy types down here at least. Ya know, something different than in Chicago, where the dudes either smash beer cans on their foreheads or wear jeans that are two sizes too small. So far, I haven’t found much better than those two shitty options.

Desperate old dude messaged me back. He sent me another novel. Ya know, online dating is awkward enough, but sending someone a message that is rambling and long makes it MORE awkward. How are you supposed to respond naturally to something like that? I think I won’t be responding to this guy again. I gave him a chance. He did not impress.

I have been chatting with a few other guys, as well. One lives in Indiana. He seems to be into outdoorsy activities and photography. Another guy seems more laid back – he likes cooking and craft beer and seems to have a good sense of humor. These two seem somewhat promising.

I did have to laugh a bit about another guy, though. He went on and on about how he loves beer (I mean, realistically, who doesn’t like beer, right?). He was talking about beer like he’s an aficionado, so I asked him what his favorite beer was. His answer? GUINNESS. AND BLUE MOON. *judging* 

I admit that I am a beer snob. If your favorite beer is something generic, you don’t deserve to brag about liking beer. True beer drinkers have a favorite style. Or a favorite brewery. Guinness and Blue Moon are not beer drinkers’ beers. 

I hope my beer-snobbery doesn’t interfere with my online dating prospects. I feel like I’ve already got several snobbish qualities – I am a Michigan grad, after all. I also lived in “the big city” and I have a fancy degree. So far I’ve been avoiding these things until the guys bring them up. Am I right to think they could be a turn off for some guys?

I guess we’ll see. 


One thought on “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

  1. Yippee yaaaa, yippee yayyy

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